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We’re Ready to Entertain You!

The Minions of Gozer know Ghostbusters. And they wanna show it to you. But first, hold this marshmallow. Got it? Great! Taking their cue from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Minions of Gozer is Ghostbusters like you’ve never seen it before. With your favorite unseen moments from the movie, like that time that Egon tried to drill a hole through his head. And the undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration! Ain’t afraid of no ghost? Great! Be a part of the show! Fry like an egg on Sigourney Weaver’s counter, go to jail with the Ghostbusters, and cheer them on while they fight the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and save New York City! Don’t forget your raincoat, because you might get slimed! The Minions of Gozer are ready to entertain you!

What is a shadowcast?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a shadowcast is “a group of people that performs a movie in front of a screen while that movie is playing; they essentially pantomime the movie. Most often seen during showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Shadowcasts are usually the main attraction of a midnight movie party/experience; there are also pre-show performances, contests and prizes, and sometimes even dance parties.

Who else is doing this?

The New York City Rocky Horror Picture Show shadows Rocky and successfully brings the midnight party to Chelsea Clearview Cinemas every Friday and Saturday night. REPO! The Genetic Opera and shadowcasts of Hedwig and the Angry Inch are also performed in various venues in and around NYC. No one, however, is doing what we’re doing, which is to bring the midnight movie party culture to a family-friendly comedy classic which also happens to have a massive “cult” following, and dedicated fans up and down the East Coast and across the country.

Why are you doing this?

There’s nothing quite like seeing Ghostbusters on the big screen. A summer in New York City just isn’t complete without it. We don’t want to wait for children’s movie series and once-in-a-blue-moon rereleases. Our show brings our favorite movie to the screen more often and surrounds fans in an immersive experience which encourages them to suit up, geek out and interact with each other and the movie.

What have you got that no one else has?

Besides a completely original performance, we have lots of things that no one else has, including a Slimer puppet (capable of “sliming” the audience) custom-built by Jay Tyson, professional puppeteer and puppet maker for 12 years. We have proton packs that shoot silly string. We have access to a six-foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man designed and built by Kyle Pasciutti. Most importantly, we have a cast of brilliant and dedicated performers with producing, directing and improv experience, and backgrounds in media, modeling and shadowcasting in the NYC and NJ area. Minions have trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade and HB Studios and have appeared off-off Broadway, on HBO series and in TV commercials. And all of them have a special connection to the classic Manhattan movie.


Pick Up Your Phone and Call the Professionals

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Saturday, October 18, 2014, 8:00 PM
“Ghostbusters” at Has#tag Bar in Staten Island

Cast & Crew

  • 6323853677_cea2ebfdf3_b


    Angela Williams was 9 years old when Ghostbusters was released. However, she wasn’t allowed to see it in the theatre because it was about evil spirits, a topic that was strictly off-limits in her very religious […]

  • favweb


    Ryan Espin believes it may have been some sort of fate that made his date of birth the same number as Dana Barrett’s apartment, and it was luck that the Minions came around, and may even be […]

  • dana


    Dana Gallagher is excited to be a part of the Ghostbusters shadowcast, even if it means that she now has to sleep with her refrigerator light on at night. Dana has trained at HB Studios and […]

  • imeliandiknowit


    Elie “Eliko” Aharon was raised in Brooklyn, NY and shares the same birthday as Dan Aykroyd. A current student in Speech Therapy and Art at Brooklyn College, Eliko is multitalented in Music, Art, and Voice […]

  • louis


    Louis Gaudio was a U.S. Navy Diver for 5 years (just like Cuba Gooding Jr. in that one movie…Snow Dogs or something). He was stationed on the beautiful island of Guam before moving to New […]

  • Jamaal Stone


    Jamaal Stone grew up in Virginia always dreaming of being up on a stage, but his shy personality wasn’t get him anywhere…until one day a radio comedy contest changed everything…since his first time on stage […]

  • Jake Turner Head Shot


    Jake Turner was born and raised in a tiny podunck town of North Plains, Oregon. He then moved to New York City to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to pursue his passion for […]

  • RachelGordonBioPic


    Minions of Gozer is an ideal show for Rachel Gordon, because it combines all of her passions: film, theater, science fiction, and obsessive organization. Rachel started with Minions of Gozer as Stage Manager in March […]

  • Esther Ko


    Esther Ko is a writer, actor, and whatever it wants to be. She was born in New Jersey where she grew up role-playing Street Fighter and The Baby-Sitters Club. (You can probably guess which characters […]

  • slimer


    Slimer is an originating member of the Minions of Gozer shadowcast. Appearing in Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Real Ghostbusters and cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, Slimer, better known to his friends as “The Spud,” was […]

  • willowme


    Maureen Shockey is an illustrator, storyboard artist, former library page, book junkie, rookie tattooist, professional tarot reader, and full-time geek. She’s probably the only person she knows who gets bored enough to teach themselves Old […]

  • casey


    Casey has been pretending to be a Ghostbuster almost his whole life. The movie is one of the reasons he moved to New York City from his native Longview, TX 12 years ago. As an […]

  • Jimmy Roike Headshot


    Having left his ectoplasmic residue along the eastern seaboard since birth, Jimmy Roike finally possessed NYC; his favorite haunt.  An alumni of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy he is excited to be a part […]

  • Geoff Moonen_0209


    Geoff Moonen is an actor, musician, juggler, writer, gaming enthusiast and pokémon master. He grew up in Jersey and now barely lives in Manhattan.  His favorite ghostbuster is Harpo. Look for Geoff as Louis Tully, the […]


  • jason_carubia


    Jason Carubia was born to wear this stuff. His first Ghostbusters role was a singing/dancing Dr. Egon Spengler in a grade school talent show. After a successful career in finance Jason returned to his roots […]

  • eddie


    Eddie Robinson was born and bred in Detroit, Michigan and is a recent graduate of The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.  Having lived in NY for only a few years, Eddie has performed in various off-off broadway productions, […]

  • mike_roche


    Mike Roche joined the Minions of Gozer just in time. He most recently was cast as Jesse, in the student horror film “Sexually Transmitted Creatures”. In addition, he will be participating in Project: Theatre’s OurBar […]

  • BalemonHeadshot Compressed


    Bruce A. Lemon is from Watts, CA, an area plagued with drugs and gang violence. But it was those damn ghosts that were the real problem. Bruce was outfitted with all of the most awesome […]

  • Todd Meredith Headshot


    Ghostbusters has been Todd Meredith’s absolute favorite movie since he was a little kid, so he was thrilled to join the Minions of Gozer shadowcast. As Bill Murray begrudgingly exclaims in the film before crossing […]

  • IMG_7933

    Cait & Krys

    Commuting from Filthadelphia, these two come to Minions as the token bumbling stage hands. Though rather inexperienced in theatre, and at first a little foggy with Ghostbusters, they’ve loved learning to work with the cast […]

  • bree


    Breanne Hakes was born and raised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She found her love of the stage through years of dance lessons and performances. Breanne moved to NYC after receiving her Bachelors’ Degree in Theatre from […]

  • ian


    Ian Dunford is an avid Sherlockian and spends way too much time reading Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, J.G. Ballard, H.P. Lovecraft, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. Originally from Portsmouth, VA, he has […]

  • eryn


    Eryn Roberts is an actor/model from New Jersey. (The nice New Jersey, ya know, like the one from that show. No not THAT show, the other one. Oh, never mind.) She enjoys improv and sketch comedy, 40’s and 50’s Pin Up […]

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