It’s that time of year again! We’re growing our ranks for our spring shows. We need understudies, new ensemble characters and a new Ghostbuster!
If you want to be a Minion, send a picture of yourself (preferably a headshot) and a resume if you have one to Here’s the breakdown:
Male Ensemble - Male, plays non-principal characters such as Fire Chief, Slimer, the Mayor,etc. Don’t be fooled. You will not be a background actor in this role. There are a lot of parts that allow for some great stage time. This role will also be playing some brand new characters in our spring shows and will understudy major roles.
Male Terror Dog - Male Demon. Enjoys women’s fashions especially orange and gold dresses, wreaks general havoc throughout the show. This role also includes some plush ensemble-type stage time and will understudy major roles.
Winston Zeddemore – African American Male – Zeddemore began his busting career with an open mind – he’ll believe ‘anything you say, if there’s a steady pay check in it’, and quickly became both an asset and a good friend to the Ghostbusters. As time went by, he became the translator of Ray Stantz’s long-winded, jargon-filled explanations of supernatural occurences into simple terms. In March, this actor will most likely perform as ensemble, but will perform as Winston at an April 13th performance once confirmed.

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